Meet your beta reader

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Tiffany S. 

With a Bachelor's in Communication and Social Media Marketing, Tiffany has an eye for capturing how the written word will impact your target market. She uses this skill as a beta reader to provide quality, in depth feedback that helps authors connect with their readers. In that same spirit, she strives to offer suggestions that will meet reader expectations without sacrificing each author's unique voice. 

Prior to her current pursuits, Tiffany was an Underwriter and Loan Processor for a local mortgage company. This career called for extensive attention to detail and technical writing within the industry including financial reporting and in depth lender communications. As a result of this experience, line editing is more of an obsessive passion than a task. Her respect for the English language and drive for perfection make for a thorough review. 

Tiffany has been writing since she could hold a pencil and in early 2017 began to pursue a career as an author full time. She has finished her first series and is currently working on several new projects. Her primary focus is Young/New Adult Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, and Sci-Fi.