We are dedicated to helping elevate your work

Beta reading

Have you finished editing your work? Not quite ready to self-publish or begin to query? 

This is where a beta reader is essential. Writers become so close to their work, they miss errors staring back at them. My goal is to review your work and provide detailed, personalized feedback. By choosing one of the following areas of focus, you remain in charge of the content I will focus on: 

  • Character: Development, Voice, and Motivation
  • Plot: Consistency, Clarity, and Solutions to Gaps
  • Copy Editing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
  • Story: Reader Review, Opinion, and General Impression

Line Editing

Are you intimidated by the editing process? Overwhelmed or unsure where to start? 

The editorial process can be daunting for writers of all skill levels. I will provide a thorough review of your work with commentary, suggestions, and corrections line by line as needed. I will also provide constructive feedback on the plot, story, and character development throughout your entire work. In addition, you will have direct access to me for 30 business days after completion so that any questions or concerns that arise can be personally addressed. 

Expedited review

On a deadline and need your work reviewed quickly? 

Skip the line with an expedited review. Do not be leery of the reduced turn time, you will still receive quality feedback. 

Custom review

Not sure what genre your work should be listed under? Having a hard time establishing a social media presence or setting up your author web page?

There is so much more to the writer's life than writing. Request a custom review* now! We will work with you to provide a personalized quote that addresses your specific concerns. 

*Please note: Custom reviews cannot be expedited. Pricing and turn time will vary depending on review needed and current workload at time of request.